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Gang, I've got a few public shows coming up and I. Am. Psyched. I assumed things would slow down after Christmas (and they have), but really thought they wouldn't pick back up until mayyybe August. Maybe it's the Spring-Is-So-Close-I-Can-Taste-It effect, but suffice it to say I am knee-deep in leather and crankin these babies out for a bunch of shows coming up! Definitely go check out my Events page for details, but in the mean time, THIS: The New Product Launch/3rd Anniversary party on April 8 in Williston, VT. The new design will be revealed at the party for the first time and I am so excited! Some of the funsies that you'll encounter there:

1. Wine and cocktails- a SIGNATURE cocktail, whhaatttt?

2. Hors d-oeuvres, including cheeses with labels. So you know it's fancy.

3. Raffle for a FREE bag! There will be a contest every day on Facebook the week leading up to the party with chances to earn extra entries. So forget your responsibilities and settle into Facebook for the week, people!

4. Everything, and I mean everything, will be on sale. The newly-revealed design will be 25% off and everything (did I say everything yet?) will be 10% off. That's *everything* from key chains and tassels to bags.

5. Bring a friend, and finally,

6. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

Now quit reading some girl's blog and go either to Facebook or the Ma & Pembum contact page for more details and to RSVP!

Knee. Deep.

Knee. Deep.