Ma & Pembum

Frequently Asked Questions

I would like to order a custom item. How does that work?

1. Start by finding a product style that you want.

2. See what options have been used for other products to get an idea of what details you would like (different/additional colors, addition of a long strap, certain pillow dimensions, etc).

3. Click on the Contact Ma & Pembum link at the bottom of any page to start the conversation! We're happy to review the details of pricing with you. Customization options cost an additional 20% and may vary by product.

4. Please allow 4-8 weeks for your custom order.

Where do you find your materials?

The pendants and charms on all our jewelry are sourced from vendors throughout the United States. Each piece is handpicked. The leather comes from tanneries around the world.

Do you use real leather?

Yes, all leather used in our products is 100% genuine.

Is the serving size of ice cream really 1/2 cup?

Frankly, we are appalled at the notion that 1/2 cup of ice cream is the standard serving size. We don't care that we just ate dinner; 1/2 cup of ice cream is enough for no one.

Where did the name Ma & Pembum come from?

It's what our founder, Phebe, called her mom's parents. Phebe’s grandfather's name was Pembroke, and when one of his first children tried to say it, it came out, "Pembum." Phebe says: “I remember thinking as a teenager that Ma & Pembum would make a cool name for a boutique. I never thought I would actually have one!”

Does Ma & Pembum donate any of its profits to social causes?

We definitely do! Ma & Pembum donates 50% of all profits to organizations that work to end human trafficking. In fact, this mission is a core reason why Ma & Pembum came to be. Find out more about Phebe’s story on our About Us page.

If you’re interested, we’d encourage you to educate yourself about this issue. Below are some sites from which you can get information, and all are organizations to which we do or have donated.

Have you seen my keys?

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